Articles in "Faculty" Category

Loren Parnell

Grade 2 Teacher Joined Carlisle in 2023 lparnell@carlisleschool.org Read More

Katina Pettit

Grade 3 Teacher Joined Carlisle in 2019 kpettit@carlisleschool.org Read More

Margaret Burkhart

Grade 2 Teacher Joined Carlisle in 2006 mburkhart@carlisleschool.org Read More

Anne Norman Young

Director of Fine Arts Joined Carlisle in 2002 anorman@carlisleschool.org Read More

Teresa Martin

Preschool 4 Teacher | Bus Driver Joined Carlisle in 2010 tmartin@carlisleschool.org Read More

Claire Lambert

Grade 5 Teacher Joined Carlisle in 2023 clambert@carlisleschool.org Read More

Susan Aaron

Director of College Counseling Joined Carlisle in 2006 saaron@carlisleschool.org Read More